From the moment a publisher says 'yes' to the day you hold your book in your hands for the first time to the day you see it on the shelves next to your heroes, the journey is transformational.

But it won't happen if you leave it to luck. Just writing something good is not enough. You need to plan from day one to make your book a bestseller.

 Let me show you... the strategy I used to pick bestselling titles, how to write killer blurb, how to set  yourself up for a bestseller now, how to build a business from your book, how to write a book if you're not yet an expert in your topic, how to know whether your book will succeed, how to structure your book, how to beat procrastination, perfectionism and your inner gremlins, how to get masses of press coverage, how to write a proposal that seals the deal, how to get an agent, how to get published - and more!

Seeing your own book on the bestseller shelves will change everything for you

What would you love to write a book about?

If you've ever dreamed of being a published author & sharing your ideas in psychology, business, health, or any other topic, this is for you.

Join two-time bestselling author, John Williams, to find the bestseller inside of you, get a big chunk of it written, and discover how to make it a smash hit - in 30 days, with a community of 100 or more, and a team of guest authors & experts.

This stuff works!

All these books (and more) were created by participants in The 30 Day Challenge and related programmes with John Williams.  

The combination of a powerful creative process, strategic expert advice, and support to get the writing done can make you a bestselling author too.

Access to bestselling authors & publishing gurus

We'll also be having a guest expert on PR who will explain how to get press & media attention for your book and how to write a press release. 

One big story can turn your book into a bestseller overnight! Find out how to get one.


Sam gave me my first book deal & now commissions for Vermilion including health, fitness, and parenting. She will tell you what's hot & what you need to do to catch her attention.


Former commissioning editor for Random House & HarperCollins, Jacq will explain what makes a bestseller, how to use your own story to help sell it, and how you win a book deal.


Lucy is managing editor of Rethink Press, "the entrepreneur's publisher", who have published over 300 books. She will explain how self-publishing works & when it is the best option.



Every week we will also have a writing clinic with a bestselling author telling their story of how they wrote their book, got it published and help make it a success.

Guests include Richard Newton, co-author of #1 bestseller Stop Talking, Start Doing, and Chris Wild, author of Retronaut and the upcoming remarkable book The Paper Time Machine. Attend live & ask your own questions or watch the recordings afterwards.

Be part of an awesome writing community

It's a lot easier to learn, stay motivated, and get results when you have the momentum and connections of 100 or more people just like you, starting out on the writing journey together. And we'll have some fun discussing our favourite books, bookshops, and writing spots!

The buzz is something you have to experience to believe - and that's why many 30 Day Challengers come back again and again.

Stay on track with our accountability coach, Julia

Every week we'll check in with you to see how you're getting on and help you stay on track. Our accountability coach, Julia Elmore, will be keeping an eye out for you and checking whether you need any help.

If you've struggled to get your book done on your own, this changes everything!


Daily bite-size lessons on writing, publishing and marketing from two-time bestselling author, John Williams


Live clinics with commissioning editor, literary agent, self-publishing guru & PR


Writing clinics with bestselling authors 


Weekly checkins with our accountability coach


Awesome global writing community led by two-time bestselling author John Williams & his team


A big chunk of your book written, easier than you ever thought possible and a one-page book pitch to share!



Courses with less in them regularly sell for £2000 upwards but I want to make this accessible to as many people as possible and create an awesome global writing community of 100 or more people so I've set the price for The 30 Day Bestseller Challenge to something amazingly low...



(Including VAT)

(One payment now, one in 30 days near the end of the 30 Day Bestseller Challenge)

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Got a question?

How much time do I need available to take part?

We show you how to make progress in as little as 20 minutes a day 6 days a week on your project. You’ll also want some time to read the Daily Buzz and connect in the community. Of course the more time you can put in (eg at the weekend), the bigger your project can be but you’ll be amazed what you can achieve in short slots of time every day when we show you how.

Do I need to be in the UK?

Not at all! We typically have participants from all over Europe, the US, Africa and Australasia. In fact some people take the challenge while travelling around the world. As long as you can get online regularly, you can join! Just be sure to send us a photo of your location so we can enjoy it too

When does it start?

The private online community opens Tuesday 31 October for kick off on 1 November 2017. But booking is limited so do grab your place NOW!

I am away/offline for some of November, is it still worth joining?

Yes. Most people will be away or offline for at least a few days out of the month. 5-6 days or even 7 is quite manageable because you can just catch up afterwards. If you’re offline longer than that, ask us and we will give you an honest opinion.

When are you running it again?

This is a one-off event so please don't miss it if you dream of being a published author! And let's face it, is your life ever going to be quieter than it is now?

I don’t have a book idea yet; can I still join?

Absolutely! If you follow our simple and fun daily lessons & exercises, you will find your bestselling idea within the 30 days.

I've already started my own business, is this relevant for me?

Yes! If you've started something and it's not working as well as you expected, learn how to relaunch successfully. If you want to add an additional income stream, discover how to launch a new product/event/programme to take your business to a whole new level.

I've taken the original 30 Day Challenge. How is this different?

The 30 Day Bestseller Challenge is very different. We've created all new lessons for most of the 'Daily Buzz', invited experts dedicated to writing and the business of books, and we will all have a focus throughout on creating a successful non-fiction book. It's going to be quite something!

I want to write a novel. Can I still join?

The 30 Day Bestseller Challenge is focussed on non-fiction and a lot of the information we share reflects that. However you are welcome to join anyway and benefit from the accountability and community etc.

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